Bistoccu dry breadTHE TASTE OF SARDINIA

Wholemeal Bistoccu

As all nutritionists advise for a correct diet: a healthy bread and fiber-rich, useful and bowel for proper digestion. Ideal accompany it with cheeses and cold cuts.

250g vacuum-packed
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Bread toasted dry by the flavorful and fragrant taste. It keeps a long conservation while not containing preservatives. Absence of crumb. Color uniform dark yellowish.

Nutritional facts: 1.484 kJ /100g
Average weight per package: 250g in plastic wrap film
Calories (kcal): 351 kcal/100g
Shelf life: 10 months from production
Storage procedures: Store in a cool, dry place, at room temperature
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Durum wheat wholemeal flour, salt, water, beer yeast, malted wheat flour. Preservative free.

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