Our secret ingredient?Passion


Formerly the Bistoccu of Montresta was used as provided by shepherds during the long periods of transhumance,
it is repurposed in the 60s in his old folk recipe, immediately appreciated in all Planargia.

Aware of the great potential of the product, in the following years the company led by Salvatore Fancellu translates it into an ongoing commitment to the realization of something unique, a product that encompasses in itself the character and ancient history of our land to pass on to future generations.

So it was that, in a short time, this passion brings the Fancellu Bakery development of modern and ancient artisan recipes to make you appreciate all the fragrance and goodness of dry bread, to be eaten in a lot of possibilities.


For over fifty years the bread and the dough retain the quality and taste of a craft time, that of someone who has chosen as the company philosophy of always working with the highest quality raw materials, staff skilled and experienced, with respect for the ' environment and people.
Today Fancellu Bakery has become a reality in continuous growth that bases its success on the ancient traditional recipe to keep the high quality standards of bistoccu bread.


Reconcile technology with the genuineness of our bread is the commitment that we have always tried to maintain.
To facilitate the work with heavy vehicles we have completed, in 2010, a new building on the main street of Montresta.
The new bakery has a surface of 600 square meters divided on three levels and organized in a strategic way.
Outside, a large private space used as parking and loading / unloading of goods.


Today our laboratory has extensive production capacity, from the first light of day until late at night, it gives life to our unique products.

Marketing is done through our agents for the rapid and widespread product placement that allows you to find the typical Bistoccu of Montresta in stores small and large retailers in all the Sardinian and national territory.

The building
Warehouse area

A genuineness tradition

The Fancellu Bakery guarantees its products because it creates, knead and bake them.
A job that starts on scrupulous research of suppliers and the careful selection of ingredients and raw materials,
strictly healthy and wholesome.

Why us


Fancellu Bakery is distinguished by the craftsmanship of its traditional products and for the high quality of the ingredients.


The ingredients are pure and natural; the dough "rests" long so that the bistoccu is more unique than "commercial".


All our products have soared naturally as well as to an old tradition. For this you will feel the difference!


A versatile product that can make unique every dish, from appetizer to dessert.
Check out our recipes!


We truly love our work and we care about the satisfaction of our clients that choose us.


There are thousands people who every day choose our products.
Try them and become a fan!